It’s Time to Insist on Quality

In a tradition of quality service first, we’ve designed Preferred Nurses Registry to find customized solutions for you and your loved One’s health care needs.

It is our objective to provide the highest quality nursing professionals to the private client. To achieve this objective, we have developed a rigorous set of standards which all of our nurses are required to meet.

Preferred Nurses Registry, Inc...Personalized Care

All Preferred Nurses Registry nurses are required to:

· possess a wide range of nursing and interpersonal skills

· have a current license and CPR certificate

· carry malpractice insurance

· take a physical and provide lab results

· pass a written exam

· have extensive experience in hospital and in-home health care environments

· have a compassionate attitude

· receive a personal screening by two RNs

· sign a confidentiality agreement

Preferred Nurses Registry redefines the meaning of “nurse”. A Preferred Nurses Registry nurse:

· Plans for the patient’s care while in the hospital and upon leaving the hospital

· Works with the patient’s doctor, family, social worker, pharmacy, and medical supply house to ensure optimal care

· Trouble-shoots and brings in supplemental health care professionals when necessary

· Teaches the patient and family about the patient’s healing process, medication, post-surgical care, and nutrition needs

· Designs an effective health care delivery system to bring the hospital home